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  • XLR chassis options ?

    I'm planing on put my savage 12LRP .260 onto a XLR Chassis but the gunsmiths are out of stock and i can't seem to find any other guys that imported them so

    My Question is do i ring up the gunsmiths and wait for there stock to come in or do i try and import it my self what is going to be the cheaper and faster option?

    Cheers Ratty

    P.S wasn't sure where to put this so modds feel free to move it

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    Importing can be sutch a pain in the ass check out used gun's they come up for sale now and then and usualy a bit cheeper or let The Gunsmiths do the paper work. if you hav'nt imported befour it's a whole new learning curve


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      yeah but the problem is i gave the gunsmiths a call and there told me that XLR don't make one that will fit a savage 12LRP in .260 yet there a guy on here that has his on one so idk