Scopes that fit Field side mounts?

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  • Scopes that fit Field side mounts?

    Hi all,

    Today was going well up until earlier this evening. Finally got my Slazenger Model 24 back from the gunsmith, who'd not only fixed the myriad array of issues it arrived from interstate with (not my best purchase by a long stretch), but had also found an original, matching Field side mount for me. Super awesome.

    Needless to say as soon as I got home I dug out the unopened Sightron SI 3-9x40MD scope that had been waiting most patiently for its new home to be ready... out come the allen keys and... oh dear....

    The darned thing doesn't fit!!!

    This is the issue: the mount has a unified, solid base between the two "rings", and this base doesn't sit much lower than the bottom of the rings themselves.

    Click image for larger version

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    What this means is that the "hump" or bump on the bottom of the scope tube touches the base and makes the tube either side sit too high in the rings. In other words, the scope itself won't sit properly in the rings and if you tighten them down, it would bend the scope at either end - not good at all.

    Frustratingly, when I pulled an older, thinner (32mm ocular) Bushnell 4x off another rifle, figuring that would fit, the same thing happened! The bump that forms adjacent to the windage knob requires more clearance than the mount actually provides.

    So... what the hell do I do? Do I:

    1. Get a scope that doesn't have much of a bump at the bottom the tube. I'm assuming that means something appropriately vintaged, as every modern scope I've seen has a same bump around the adjusters?

    2. Get out the Dremel and make room. Not really keen on this... the Field mounts (especially for the Mod 24) are pretty rare these days and hard to come by.


    Cheers, Ben.

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    I would put on a Scope that match's the rifles vintage but there would be those around a little more modern that would fit I imagine.

    Here is one example that was mounted on my Sportco Martini Hornet before I sold the rifle. The scope is still here sitting around doing nothing but at some time in it's life it was mounted in rings that were too small or way too tight so has ring marks and a slight depression. Didn't affect the scope as best I can recall.

    Then there was a Bushnell Banner I had mounted on a CZ 452 17HMR, both sold. Pictured so you can see an example. Maybe the lens bells are to big, can't tell how much room you have forwards from your photo.

    Both these Scopes are Made In Japan so have reasonably good optics.


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      Thanks for the pics - always good for a little inspiration.

      I dare say you're right about a vintage scope... problem is I want to use this rifle as a regular hunting rifle - mostly at night on wallaby and any feral cat unlucky enough to get in front - as well as the odd bit of 100-200m target shooting, so a good performing, modern variable power scope is what I had in mind.

      The other issue is if I get a lovely old Pecar or similar I'll be tempted to put the lot on my "collector" Model 24 instead! Which leaves me back to square one!

      Hmmm.... there are a few Kahles and Pecar variable-zoom scopes on UsedGuns at reasonable prices.... what's the optical quality like on these older scopes? Still very usable or showing their age against modern glass?

      Cheers, Ben.

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    An update.... found an old Howa 'Sniper' 4x32... Rather well used but for $50 will do the trick for now.

    Click image for larger version

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      If you ever want to sell the field mount let me know. A couple of years back I search the country for one, but nothing.
      I posted on the old site & range all the country back water gun shops. I ended up making one from ally, just isn't the same.