Tikka T3 bolt assembly and trouble shooting

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  • Tikka T3 bolt assembly and trouble shooting

    I recently responded elsewhere on the net to a Tikka T3 owner who was having some issues with his bolt. My response and photos recieved some good feedback so i thought i'd post it here for future reference for other Tikka owners.

    So here's your Tikka bolt, well actually it's from my Tikka Stainless Varmint in 7-08. It's shown with a couple of small Allen keys which will come in handy. Some use a screwdriver, too many sharp edges for me, i've stuck myself too many times :fp:

    So if you turn the bolt upsidedown you'll see there is a small square notch in the stainless steel bolt body. Into this notch sits the firing pin lug (for want of a better name) This piece is also part of the cocking indicator, the bit that sticks out the rear of the action with a red dot on it.3

    The first step in any work on these bolts is to turn the shroud (the black plastic cap) on the rear end of the bolt. looking down on the bolt as shown with the bolt head on your left you want to turn the shroud away from you. Now, I'll say it again before you try it. turn the shroud away from you, Turn it the other way and you will decock the bolt making trouble for yourself but providing traffic for the gun forums and you tube

    Now the shroud should simply slide off away from the bolt. If you are simply replacing the factory plastic shroud with a new one because you dropped it on the concrete at the range, an alloy one from HSS or even better a stainless or Titanium one from our mate at Sterk you can just slide the new one on and turn it back to the original position (in the square notch)

    However if you are wanting to disassemble the bolt for cleaning or to replace the bolt handle with a different one you need to follow the next step.

    Here is where the allen key from the first pic comes in. I've heard that some rifles come with a tool, a flat blade that serves the same purpose but no Tikka I have ever bought came with one. Insert what ever tool you choose into the slot that should now be visible with the shroud off. This tool should now stay in position until you are ready to refit the shroud. If you accidentally remove this tool at any stage go straight to the end of this post where i will explain how to reinsert it

    Now with the tool in place rotate the the firing pin toward you until the "lug" drops down the ramp into the big notch

    At this point the bolt handle will slide out of it's dovetail. Now if you're replacing the handle and don't wish to go any further just slip the new handle in and retrace your steps. rotate the firing pin up the ramp, tool out, shroud on and rotate back into the square notch. Done

    If you think you need to remove the firing pin for any reason, cleaning or lubrication just pull in the end and the pin assembly will slide right out. Again reassembly is a simple matter or reversing the process, paring attention to each step, applying appropriate lubrication as you go.

    Now let's remember my old mate who dropped his firing pin at some stage, his screwdriver fell out of the gap and his firing pin essentially decocked.tThe process for him was to compress the spring, reinsert his screwdriver and reassemble the bolt. Here lies another reason to use a small Allen key as I do and not a heavy handled tool like a screwdriver.

    Safety first. Do not attempt to compress the spring while holding it. It's likely that something will slip and you will stab yourself either with the firing pin itself or a screwdriver.

    I took inspiration from my K98k mausers bolt disassemble rivet mounted in the rifles butt and drilled a hole in a board so I could safely push down on the spring while I inserted the tool into the gap. Note that i protected the metal where i gripped it.

    Now we are back on track and reassembly can go on as normal

    I hope you never need this guide but I enjoyed putting it together

    safe shooting, Steve

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    Nicely done tutorial, Steve

    Notice I refrained from saying it was more complicated than a Mosin? lol

    (bar the brute strength part heh)


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      LOL, thats like saying a swiss watch is more complicated than a cavemans club...


      good to see you here zhuk


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    This explanation is a lot better than some of the other tutorial's I've read on the internet.