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  • Bore Cleaner on stock

    dear oh dear ...I am in trouble....I have managed to get bore cleaner on the beautiful stock of my Steyr rifle there anybody that can suggest how I get rid of the discolouration please? :S

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    Welcome paul

    Not sure if exactly the right category but I've moved your post from Welcome mat. Might get a few replies re your query here, hopefully.


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      What kind of bore cleaner are you using ?


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        Thanks for the welcome, and for moving the topic, moderator..

        I use Hoppes Number 9 .....I have been told that a simple furniture wax would do the trick ...I am NOT a handyman.....this is why I am on here!!...Thanks again...Paul


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          So I am assuming that its a timber stock . I personally dont use any products that are ammonia based or contain abrasive chemicals . But what I do use is a environmently friendly based cleaning oil called Prolix which is safe on timber / plastic / painted stocks and also another product called Froglube which is similar again .
          To answer your question as long as you cleaned it off quickly it shouldn't be bad . And perhaps that furniture wax should do it

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        How exactly is it discoloured, paul and did you wipe of it right afterwards. What was the stock surface finish like originally? In my experience Hoppes9 has never done the slightest harm to wood stocks...but then mine are all milsurps and 'modern' stocks may well differ.


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          Zhuk ...I got rid of it as soon as I saw the marks is a dull finish: not polished, so I am hopeful that the wax brings back the natural beauty of the timber...Thanks for your help...