Installing a Barrel on a S&W Revolver

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  • Installing a Barrel on a S&W Revolver

    Here is a bit of a look at what is involved in installing a barrel on a S&W Revolver or any other revolver.

    I have here a L Frame already stripped waiting for a barrel.First of all when you take the original barrel off,There is a ridge left on the front of the frame,If you are installing the same barrel or a factory barrel you do not have to remove the ridge.In my case here I'm installing a Bull barrel and the ridge must come off as it will interfere with the larger diameter shoulder of the bull barrel.What you do is remove just enough to take the ridge off,It must be done perfectly straight or the barrel will not seat flush.Even a couple of thou can put stress on the barrel and frame.

    Pic 1 - The Frame.

    Pic 2 - The front of the frame.

    Pic 3 - The Barrel Wrench.

    Pic 4 - The frame in the Barrel Wrench.

    Pic 5 - The barrel 1/8 before final torque,I scribe a line on the barrel at 12 o'clock.
    That line is for top dead center when I torque the barrel onto the frame.Everyone does it different but I measure the top of the frame and get the center of the frame,99% of the time the screw hole for the rear sight is spot on.]

    Pic 6 - The barrel torqued TDC.

    Pic 7 - Barrel installed on frame.[b]

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    Looks great Ken!