Increasing trigger weight on STI Targetmaster

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  • Increasing trigger weight on STI Targetmaster

    Hi all,

    How would I go about increasing the trigger weight on the STI Targetmaster?
    It is a 1911 single stack frame. I tried it with trigger weights today and it is currently around 1000g.
    I am looking to get up to 1360g for WA1500 and service.

    Regards Murph

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    Drop the main spring housing out. Bend the left hand "finger" of the sear spring in. This is what puts more pressure on the sear.




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      Thanks Oddball.

      Will give it a go. The unfortunate thing is the trigger is so verry verry nice as it is

      Regards Murph

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    Hi Murph,
    The best way to increase trigger weight without changing sear angles etc is to replace the main spring (sometimes called hammer spring) with a slightly heavier spring, you can buy these springs in increasing weights of 1 pound increments, with a bit of trial and error you will end up with a trigger pretty close to or just over the weight you need, I did my Targetmaster recently and I fitted a 17 pound spring to acheive almost right on 3 pounds, that would be a good starting point if 3 pounds is what you are after (that is the minimum weight for service and 1500 etc) all guns will be slightly different even in the same brand and model. Its a pretty easy change it's just a pain in the bum to do it several times to get it right where you want it.
    Hope this helps,
    Cheers G.