Who does bedding jobs in the Hunter Valley

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  • Who does bedding jobs in the Hunter Valley

    I have a couple rifles I'd like to get the actions bedded properly, I'm not much of a DIY guy and would rather have someone who knows what they are doing do it.
    Anyone know someone in the Hunter Valley, preferably around Maitland Newcastle area who could do this?


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    What are they?

    Your Howa will cost you a Bottle of Wild Turkey. (I did both of mine)
    Not sure how soon I can do it though.
    I make the Aluminium Pillars in my Lathe to suite.
    I do have some Devcon but not sure how fresh it is. I used the Brownwells Acra Glass Gel on mine. (bout $50 at a gun shop, will do 2 Rifles)



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      The Howa is already pillar bedded, just like to get the rest of it done as I'm having a probs getting it to shoot properly in the new B&C stock.
      The other is a brand new piece of shit Savage 93btvs that just won't shoot no matter what I do.