Grand Plan, Rebarrel a Rifle. How Bout the Options?

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  • Grand Plan, Rebarrel a Rifle. How Bout the Options?

    So as in the heading the big plan is to get a new barrel on one of my rifles.
    The rifle is a Winchester 1892 chambered for the 25-20wcf.
    It currently has a Sportco barrel on it so collectors value don't matter. What I do want out of it is a regular shooter.

    The gun was sold to me as 'good bore' and from a dealers prospective you would take it as so, plenty of rifling slugs at .2575.
    However the person that fitted this barrel must have been best decribed as 1st year apprentice, Friday arvo and in a bad mood.
    The chamber dimensions are crap! Way oversize! Looking through the bore you can see a ridge in the bore directly under the rear sight dove tail. You feel this tight spot on cleaning.
    Sights were canted slightly off to the right, so does the extractor groove, to me spells barrel to receiver fit not quite right.
    Plus there is a few more bugs But I will leave it with the main.

    I have worked long and hard to try and get results via handloading but they have been pretty ordinary. Only the lowest of pressure loads will give reliable grouping capabillity. I know for a fact that the gun caliber combo are capable of much better.

    Anyway I want to give the old girl a fresh tube and get it shooting beter than it does with some longer case life.
    I am hell bent on using this one for my main bunny/ fox buster along with lots a range time with a pure diet of cast bullets.

    With the few enquiries I've made, it seems the norm that the smiths around here will stick the gun in a box and send it straight to Sprinter South Oz and slug $700.

    I am open to options here and hope to open a bit of discusion. Example Green Mountain US offer a 25-20 barrel blank 4140 moly chrome steel for $88 (US) on there web site list the same barrel for $156AU.

    As stated I will shoot only cast so chamber dimention will be critical, and with the Sportco sample I have been delt with I hope you understand my nervousness over offloading a heap of cash and winding up back to square one. Or worse still waiting forever to get my beloved shooter back.

    Descussion please?

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    Firstly, where are you in Australia?

    Secondly, the Green Mountain barrels from Shooters are quite reasonable for the price. Those I know who have used them hold them to be equal to the usual American factory barrel. Some shoot well, others shoot OK. I know the 25/20 in the m92 is not a benchrest gun so within it's design spec the Green Mountain barrel will probably be better than the originals from Winchester.


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      I have seen 25/20's re-barrelled with second hand 303/25 barrels or 25/06 barrels....depending on what finished length you want they work quite well. The larger centre fire cartridges normally only wear out the first few inches, which leaves you with about 20inches of usable barrel(will need profiling but).
      Oh dear, how sad....never mind.


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        Cool, thanks guys.
        This is the sort of thing I'm chasing.
        Sorry use to have it on my profile, From Western Australia.
        Have considered a 2nd hand barrel but think if I go the time money and effort might as well be new.

        So Green Mountain are starting to tick boxes. Wonder now how a gun smith would respond to a gun, new barrel and possibly a chamber reamer placed in front of them.

        Of coarse I will have to look into all the leagalities.

        I am being real about this, I know it won't be a bench rester. Just need reliable minute-of-bunny.


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          Originally posted by LtFrankDrebbin" post=22574
          Cool, thanks guys.
          I am being real about this, I know it won't be a bench rester. Just need reliable minute-of-bunny.

          The gunsmiths that I use would be ecstatic about being presented with everything needed for the job - but you do accept some risk that you have supplied the right bits.

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        On reflection to the above question, I have not ruled out just having the existing barrel trimed and a fresh chamber cut.

        All this thinking hurts


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          Did this project get done in the end?

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        Wondering the same thing. I am in almost the same position.


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          Also wondering as I have a vgc 303-25 barrel which I thought would be good to freshen up a 92 but can not be bothered with any more projects at this time

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        Hey all,
        project is still in the making. Once the concrete starts to set on the plan will let you all know.
        For now will stay quiet. Sux when one opens their big mouth and the plan goes belly up.