Savage 340 bolt rifle parts in Australia?

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  • Savage 340 bolt rifle parts in Australia?

    Can anyone think of someone with an interest in these old rifles? I have a Savage 340 in 30-30 and are looking for a extractor, a little spring steel widget that springs around the bolt head:

    I am also looking for a forward barrel band screw. This however I can get made up from a cut down standard screw I imagine. This website:
    Suggests these barrel band screws are 1/4" X 28 TPI and can be made from 1/4" SAE/ National Fine bolts.

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    These guys have them in stock, but its in the US. Im not affiliated, I've just had good service from them.
    They also have a forum where you can ask advice, before blind purchase.
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      NIce work, I'll apply for my B709 and order. Thanks


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        Hi All,
        I have a magazine for a 222Rem model 340 if anyone is interested.