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    I have a t3 stainless in 223. I have always wanted a 222 rem mag. Does any one know if I can use a pull through finishing reamer to cut the chamber longer and if it will completely remove thee 223 chamber. I have plenty of cases and I could get it done by a gunsmith but don't know the approximate cost. I could get the ackley improved reamer if necessary

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    A 222 Mag reamer will clean out the 223 chamber, however it is likely that your gunsmith will want to set the barrel back two or three turns as the chamber of the factory barrel will usually be a little looser than an aftermarket reamer cut chamber.

    This difference will be evident on the neck portion of the chamber.


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      you best choice may be to speak to the smith you plan on using. from discussions i have heard most smiths set back then rechamber, how much they set back depends on the two chamber sizes (base diameter and length) and barrel wear. there may be a minimum setback required to give a safe clean up but i think the real issue is removing the eroded throat section, difficult on a sporter weight barrel with a short knox form



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        What's the advantage in going from one to the other? is it worth the cost?
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          Originally posted by Varminator" post=14190
          What's the advantage in going from one to the other? is it worth the cost?
          None really, just what the OP wants to do.

          The 222 Mag has a slightly longer neck and the body is about 10 thou longer too. Real world difference in performance? Nothing. Except brass is harder to get and tends to be expensive.

          But, if you really want one - why not?

          Oh, and a rechambering job should cost in the $200 to $300 region.

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          No real advantage I just wanted one since I started shooting in the 70's. Also I can get any number of 222 rem mag cases (have 200 now) from pre history and I can get another 500 at least for $75 a hundred.Have you tried to get 223 brass recently. The rifle is new barrel fired 23 rounds running in shots.
          Regards Browndog