Shortening tikka varmint 204 barrel

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  • Shortening tikka varmint 204 barrel

    Hi everyone

    My go to rifle for spotlighting foxes is my tikka t3 varmint in .204. I also have a savage btvs 17hmr that I use for some of the closer spotlighting. Now one thing I like about using the savage is its short heavy barrel making it a handy rifle for using in the ute while I'm on driver duty. So what I'm thinking is of maybe having a few inches knocked of the tikka barrel. I know I will loose a few fps.
    What are people's thoughts of doing this and has anyone else done this. I assume it wouldn't cost a lot. Maybe an hour or 2 labour

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    Ruger made a M77 for pro shooters ( .223 16.5" , shame they didn't make it a varmint barrel )

    On say a avg you loose 50 fps for every inch knocked off.

    Shooting 1-200 yards 16.5" gives ya good amount of FPS for humainely taking game.

    As to cost .... A few hours. Take barrel off ( cut and recrown ) then put her all back togeather.

    I use to get my crown recut now and then ( say once a year ) on the Roo gun. Coz she gets all banged up. It's amassing how a crown can effect your grouping.

    Anyway go for it. Your not going to loose all that much. For a night rig, you'll gain a more use friendly rifle and much lighter too


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      one gunsmith i know charges about $120 to shorten and recrown a barrel, as for loosing velocity from the .204 the consolation is you have plenty to spare. if you shoot 32gr'ers at 3900 and you loose 150fps it wont have a huge effect on the trajectory nor the effectiveness



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        Mmm i think I may be nearly convinced. 20 inch may be a good length. 3 3/4 inch shorter.


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          This goes thru my head all the time as a perfect spotlighting rifle.
          24" 204 ruger
          or a Howa 24" 223 cut to a 20"


          • dansedgli
            dansedgli commented
            Editing a comment
            I got my 3006 cut down to 20 inches from 24.

            It made a massive difference to how it handled. It was so much better.

            It was only $100 to have done but wasnt a varmint barrel. Just a sporter.