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    What is it about gun shops? I wanted to fit a sling to a shotgun, drill one hole in buttstock and install front uncle mikes barrel clamp, no hardware suppliedjust drill a hole and allen wrench install of front clamp.
    A total of $100.
    Will be doing it myself! Stuff that! I dont understand why so much for a hole!

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    Wow, yeah do it your self.
    Love your country, love your family, love your sport.


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      If that was a plumber or sparky drilling a hole, they'd be charging $250, so $100 is cheap!

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    The jig you buy to ensure a straight hole on the right angle costs over $100, if you wanted to do a couple i would buy the jig. I have drilled one myself and it wasn't perfectly straight.


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      Originally posted by xbrute" post=11865
      ...Stuff that! I dont understand why so much for a hole!
      Ha mate, you can pay more than double that & still have to return it half an hour later!

      In all seriousness though, I bought an $11 set of swivel bases from my LGS and when I started asking for some tips about the best and cleanest way to install them the guy behind the counter asked me if I had the rifle with me. When I told him that it was outside in the back of the car he insisted that I go out & get it, and he then professionally drilled the holes and fitted the swivel bases there & then and all for no charge and even gave me a discount on the sling that I then decided to buy. If your LGS wants to charge you a hundred bucks to drill a single small hole in a piece of wood, then I'd suggest that you go & find another gunshop to spend your hard-earned in who will appreciate your custom and provide you with some old fashioned customer service...


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        Its dissapointing because they had the chance to have me as a regular customer. I only really try to get to one specific LGS but when your a courier working in that area for the next few months it makes sense to use them.

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      my local has been pretty good to me mounted bipods, drilled holes and mounted scope then bore sighted them for me never been charged a cent for that

      but with the amount of cash i spend there their bloody well want to


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        Ye i dont spend a hell of alot, maybe $5000 a year but still would like to be looked after.

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      My LGS nows me better then my parnets most days

      there normaly know witch day i come home from work and have the guns ready to pick up and there normaly know the day i go back to work as well

      but i do spend around $1k a month if not more