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  • HOWA Trigger Jobs from the "Ebay Trigger Guy"

    Just a heads up for those people who own Howa's and find the triggers a bit ordinary (I didn't like mine) there is a guy by the name of Glen Coughlan who does fantastic work on them - he's the "Ebay Tigger Guy" that people often talk about.

    These trigger jobs are simply fantastic and well worth the $$$ - cheaper than buying an aftermarket trigger for them and every bit as good if not better!

    Whacking Varmints is my passion!

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    Out of curiosity whack it what trigger weight pull can be achieved safely?


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      Originally posted by SmoothOperator_87" post=11635
      Out of curiosity whack it what trigger weight pull can be achieved safely?
      From memory mate I think he can get them down around the 6oz mark or lower and the safeties are still operational. I get mine set at around 1.2lb as a rule which are light (I spotlight/sit over warrens snipping so its perfect for my needs) I have had one set at 8oz once but it was just too sensitive (lighter than the hair trigger on a Tikka) and you really had to make sure you didn't touch it until you were ready to send it.

      Glen gives you all the details on how to readjust them if need be which is handy if you do want to make them lighter or heavier.

      Like I said mate they are fantastic triggers after Glens done his thing to em and the best part is if you need to adjust them again and aren't confident in doing it yourself he will do it for free (you pay postage both ways of course).

      Well worth doing if you want a bloody good trigger instead of an ordinary one. You can adjust them yourself but trust me they won't be anything like what Glen does to them (he polishes the sears and resets the angles etc) and sets up the safety so it still works.