Muzzle break 308 sporter barrel

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  • Muzzle break 308 sporter barrel

    Hey guys I've got a mate who wants to put a break on a marlin xs7 308 it has a sporter barrel, was just looking for a ball park figure at what he should expect to pay in Sydney for it to be fitted,

    Thanks in advance and the new site is looking good cheers

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    Last time I was at The Gunsmiths in Sefton they had a sign saying they charged $180 to fit a muzzle brake.


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      Thanks for the response I think he will use the gunsmiths, he Dosent shoot much an I think he may be into the whole tacticool thing tbh.

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    I'd suggest don't.

    I started with a BSA Featherweight .308 with brake and the ears now tell the tale.