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  • 30/30 improved

    Hi Guys, I am picking up a single shot 30/30 rifle soon, a H and R, and I was wondering if anybody knows anything about the conversion to 30/30 AI.



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    Yeah... its a good thing. Id recommend it, if your into reloading.. for sure.


    ps- at time of post I had 303 AI in mind, but 30-30AI is no different..

    BTW- The conversion is pretty much just a reamer down in an change a few things an then fireform brass to suit...


    • MrCarbine
      MrCarbine commented
      Editing a comment
      Having had some experience with this cartridge I would say this.
      You are likely to get 100-200 fps increase with the right load (this is not as easy as you might think)
      Recoil will increase noticeably. In the field performance will not be as noticeable.
      If you already have a 30-30 it will be an interesting project but to go out and buy one then convert it, makes no sense. It cost some dollars and you don’t get your moneys worth. It’s just better to get a different caliber.

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    Only know what has been written on the web and not being a smart arse but why stop at AI? How about 307W?


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      I thought the 30/30 AI rather than the 307 Winchester for availability of brass, and I can still use factory 30/30 in a pinch.

      Thanks for the replies.