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  • My Rossi RG Jams

    My Rossi began its life with a FTF problem that was fixed by a smith but now that I have taken it hunting and actually loaded the magazine, the damn thing jams Overall cartridge length is 2.550"
    I can see that the loading gate has been lifted/rotated ( by the cartridge lifter). When this happens you can see a gap between the gate and the inside of the receiver. There is a "step" that is machined into the inside surface of the receiver, adjacent to/beside the gate. The gate actually rides over this "step" and does not return, thereby jamming the lever open. You can see the gate moving, when the mag is empty, when the lever is worked but the lever does not jam. That only happens when you are trying to feed from the mag.
    Is it going to be worth it to fix this thing or should I chuck it? Could I possibly fix it myself to save money?

    Sorry; forgot to add that the loading gate screw is tight.

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    Try here for info on Rossi's
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      Thanks mate. I'll ask there if I don't do any good here.