Enfield No4 extraction issues?

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  • Enfield No4 extraction issues?

    Hey, just a quick question regarding an Enfield No4 Mk-1 (original milspec condition, original .303British chambering).

    Have had the rifle for about a year now & have put the best part of 500 rounds through her. Ejection was never particularly "strong" compared to some of my Mauser-actioned rifles however it always cycled flawlessly and I never experienced any jams or feeding/ejection issues as such. I've noticed recently however that after loading and firing a full 10-round magazine the last spent case will more often than not remain in the action after the bolt is opened, sitting on it's rim and pointing up at a 90 degree angle.

    I'm guessing that it's time for a new ejector, and the reason that the last spent case is left sitting there is because there are no more unfired rounds underneath it loaded into the magazine under spring tension that will help push it out of the way? Or is something else at play here?

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    More than likely a tension issue. Replace the extractor spring.




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      Thanks guys; yeah ex_reven I'm probably not really working the bolt on the last round that hard since I know the magazine will be empty and ready for a reload (counting your shots isn't really as hard as Clint Eastwood's character makes out in the Dirty Harry movies) so you may be onto something there. Still, since the bolt number matches the receiver it's the original one and I'm assuming that the bolt head is too, so the extractor assembly is probably due for a replacement anyway as oddball suggests (fortunately, No4 extractors and springs are relatively cheap and easy to source it seems).

      I'll report back how I get on anyway and if it solves the problem.