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  • Big Bore Revolver Build

    I am looking to build either a .44 spl or .45acp revolver.
    I have a S&W 2nd model hand ejector that was originally a british issue .455 webley.
    These were sleeved down to .22lr and sold off to the civilian market after the war (as is the case with mine).
    My question is, can I use this piece as a base to build a big bore revolver, and is the expense going to be outrageous, or feasible?

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    It would be cheaper to buy a Taurus "Raging Bull" than to convert your old gun.
    Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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      Whether it is viable is going to depend on how the conversion was done. Many of these guns were converted to moonclipped .45 ACP or rechambered .45Long Colt.
      Has the firing pin location been altered to rimfire or are the inserts bored off centre? If the former it may make the job prohibitive.
      If the original charge holes were unalterd and the .liners sweated or epoxied in, they can be removed. The cylinder can then be cut for moonclips or rechambered to .45LongColt.
      Normally if the barrel is lined, it is bored out first. If so relining the barrel for .45 would be cost prohibitive. If they have put the .22 liner in on the original rifling, it may be possible to remove it and use the original barrel. Bear in mid .455 barrels are oversize for .45ASP or Long Colt but can still be used, especially if you reload with oversized projectiles. Bear in mind that these guns are not as strong as modern ones so factory level .45LC/.45ACP only!

      One of my first attempts at custom gun work back in the 70s was altering a MKII. Cost 50 Quid in the UK then. I got hold of a 1950 model Target Model barrel and cut it to 5". Rechambered to .45 LC and got hold of a new cylinder in .45ACP. What I ended up with was a "Mountain Gun" about 20 years before S&W thought of the them. Attached is the result. Never got around to finishing the case. The start of my collecting obsession for 5" N frames.
      Click image for larger version

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        Speck to Aussie44


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          Editing a comment
          Yeah the firing pin and bushing appears to have been modified, but reversible.
          My plan was to rebarrel altogether, and if necessary, replace the cylinder aswell.