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  • Re-Barreling

    Hi, I am thinking of getting an old Winchester 1892, as most of the affordable example have worn barrels, I got to thinking a new barrel might be the order, but which of the 4 original calibers would be the easiest/cheapest to get Re barreled?

    The 25-20, 32-2-, 38-40 or the 44-40 (I would prefer on of the last two, but authenticity is more important, in terms of cartridge, I don't want to re-barrel to say a .357)

    most importantly does anyone know of a Gunsmith in preferably in SA who might do this sort of work?


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    Try Sprinter Arms Co at Woodchester SA 08 85375247.


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      If you want to keep the appearance and markings on the old girl have it relined with a new rifled sleeve. I have a 44 Special, 43/20 ans 38/40 that have had the treatment and all shoot as well as a new one!
      Hold still varmint, whilst I plugs ya!


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        Depending on were you are located you could try Jerome at Ziersch Custom Rifles up at Auburn,have dealt with him personally and could not be happier,also have a friend who has several rifles that were built from scratch there as well.