cerakote over hardchrome finish?

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  • cerakote over hardchrome finish?

    Hi I have a colt 1911 in a hard Chrome finish. My question is can you cerakote it? Or is there extra work involved in getting the Chrome of first?
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    The surfaces being coated will need to be lightly bead blasted to begin with, so I suspect the blasting process will remove the hard chrome and the pistol can be cerakoted as normal, maybe with a little extra charge for extra time spent blasting. Hard chrome doesn't come off easily like bluing or parkerising.
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      G'Day Fella's,

      JL, if I were you I would contact the Australian agent for Cerakote (SLR Coatings), and ask him.
      I apply the Air Dry version of Cerakote, to a number of products that I make etc, and you need to use a more abrasive product than Glass Beads to prepare a normal (steel etc) surface!
      I use Garnet, as the abrasive that I prepare metal surfaces with, prior to Cerakoting!!!
      Given that Hard Chrome is so hard, I'm not sure if either of the above will do the job, hence the above advice.

      I hope that helps


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    Thanks for the help guys.
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      Garnet will easily abrade and etch hard chrome.

      With this preparation I would be happy to apply Cerakote H series over the top in whatever colour the customer wanted.