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  • Barrel sleeving

    Was wondering if anyone sleeves barrels anymore. The reason I ask is that I've been offered Martini Sportco hornet which is a rifle I've been looking for for a while , only problem is that the barrel is shagged. Was wondering about pro's & con's of sleeving or replacing the barrel. Though I'd love to keep all the origional markings. I have been offered a barrel out of a BSA sports 15 could this be made to work either as a sleeve (if it could be turned down) or rechambered to .22 hornet & fitted to the martini action?
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    22 hornet is a different groove diameter to a 22LR, so it wouldn't be advisable to use the BSA barrel as a sleeve. The 22H is nominally .223"-224" and the 22LR is .221". There are gunsmiths out there that offer a sleeving service. I think Bad Ass Walace(member of this forum) imports barrel sleeves from America, it might be worth asking him about getting one in his next shipment.
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      I am presently importing sleeves around 4 per month - approx $170 + fitting ( Note:- I'm not set up for fitting yet!) 1 : 14" for the Hornet are listed

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        Alan Swan does sleeving, he is in queensland

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      As some one who is ignorant of these things, could say a worn out 38-40 Winchester 1892 barrel be resurrected by drilling out the existing barrel to 19/32" and then fixing a new 38-40 barrel sleeves inside? Same question for a 44-40?


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        I resleeved my old 26" barrelled 44/40 and rechambered it for 44 Special; holds 14 now and will hit a playing card at 50m every time.

        From the list of available sleeves you can reline just about anything for half the cost of a new barrel. The next projects are a baby Snider in 360 Rook, and a Roberts & Sons 1883 38 Rook
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          So, its not a major job to sleeve a worn barrel and use it to fire the same cartridge as before, the smith just needs to ensure correct headspace?

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        Good day.

        I'm looking at picking up a Winchester 52 with a worn barrel. Being a 22lr, can this rifle be resleeved?

        Thank you


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          1:16"x 218/22 is on the list of available sleeves
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