BSA CF 2 .308 Extractor Parts

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  • BSA CF 2 .308 Extractor Parts

    I need an extractor, operating pin and spring for one of these - parts for any of that family of cases should work.

    Don't ask how come! Wasn't the gun's fault.

    Used would be fine.

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    Try these guys, I've bought parts from them before.
    Tikka T3X 6XC
    Tikka T3X CTR 260 Rem
    Remington 788 - 6mm Rem
    Remington 788 - 222rem
    Browning Trombone .22


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      John Knibbs / Airgun Spares in the UK.

      Dealt with them before. Shipping didn't take long once they found the bits I was after.

      Extractor (ouch, pricey - and kinda grungy from the photo)

      Extractor Plunger

      Extractor Spring

      Numrich (link above) still has a *few* bits (including some stocks) but I don't think they have extractors. You'd be searching "Herter CF2" there.

      I won't ask, I'll just note that small spring loaded parts disappearing from firearms is traditional.


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        Thanks for the tips


        The bits are in the shed - somewhere!