Busted firing pin Winchester 92

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  • Busted firing pin Winchester 92

    G'day all.
    Kind of got a problem with the firing pin for my Winchester 92.
    Was wandering how you'd go about fixing.
    My options/ abillitys as follows
    V the joint and TIG weld back together (hope I get it straight and don't kill any temper)
    Machine one from scratch out of an old HT bolt ( risk loosing a couple of days arguing with Chineese machine tools and make a pile of art for the scrap bin)
    Hit it with JB weld and just hope.

    Any other sugestions???
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    I would not prep it too heavily and tig it back up myself, clamp it down to the bench or in a vice nice and square/straight.
    That way your not going to lengthen or shrink the overall length of the pin by too much and create issues that way.

    Good luck.


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      If all else fails, try www.homesteadparts.com
      It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkey's


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        Thanks Billygoat-Gruff,
        I was about to start looking for parts for a '92 as well!

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      I have seen Rossi 92 firing pins fitted to Winchester 92's successfully if you can't repair the original part.
      Oh dear, how sad....never mind.


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        No worries. They are reasonably priced and postage is cheap and fast too. I got most of my 1906 parts from them. Depending on what you get, you might want to check with your states firearms branch before you import to be safe.
        It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkey's


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          I have repaired a couple of 92 firing pins broken in the place the hardest thing is getting the 2 pieces straight as scythe said clamp it down you only have to v the joint a little bit .
          don't worry if you did not get it dead straight just hit the pin on the scotch bright belt were its tight
          if you ever break the pin off the front set the main body up in a lathe and drill the body to take a 1/8 drill shank and silver solder the shank in
          good luck


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            Thanks all for the feed back.
            Sorry it took so long to respond, that time of year when life at work goes feral.

            Had a go at welding the firing pin back up last week, succsess was quickly followed by disarster
            The weld was no prob, just ended up miss-aligned by about 1/4mm. Just enough to fowl in the bolt.
            So I give it a light tap (as you do) and snap just behind the weld should have known better!
            Morrel of the story, don't try such fix-em-ups after a big week at work.

            Plan 'B' time. Now in the prossess ordering a new one. Thanks billygoat-gruff for the link.


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              No worries mate, happy to help. Let's us know how ya go
              It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkey's