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    Hi guys,
    Just thought I would share my recent experience with WLB (qld) going through the cat a/b license application.

    Submitted online 16 May 2013
    After about 6 weeks I sent a follow up email once a week for a few weeks and got no response. I thought it can't hurt to cc on the local state member (noting in the email I had not received any replies to my previous emails) I got a call from the local member within 10 minutes. I explained I was not really expecting him to do anything however I thought if WLB saw I had the mp on the cc list it may get them to at least reply to one of my emails. The next day I received an email from my local member saying he dropped an email to the police minister on my behalf. I then received a letter from WLB stating that due to a previous low range drink driving charge I was required to show cause why I was a fit and proper person to hold a firearms license. I wrote said letter sent this back to them and my license was approved almost instantly, weapons licensing were super helpful after this point they got me to do the id check and issued the license the next day. I then received a signed letter from my local pm and the police minister asking if there was anything else they can help me with.

    I guess I'm sharing this as when I received the show cause letter I considered cutting my losses and giving up. I thought they were trying to get me back for getting the mp involved. But I thought I have already invested over a thousand into this sport ( ssaa membership, safety course, safe purchase and install and licensing fees.) so it's worth giving it a good shot. I wrote an a4 page stating a little about myself and my career and basically told them I'm not a drop kick and I'm a good bloke.

    Hope if anyone is in a similar position they don't give up, it was disheartening but I am super happy I kept pushing and it worked out in the end. I'm also on first name basis now with a very friendly staff member in WLB who I hope to be able to direct any enquirers to in the future as she was great and very helpful and competent.

    Also want to note: drink driving is bad. I in no way condone this and am not proud of it and for the record I blew 0.061 on a Friday arvo after work. I now don't risk it at all if I'm having 1 beer I'm not driving can't afford to loose my license.

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    Hi mate,

    Glad to hear it all came through in the end Good on you for writing to your local MP and them in turn for getting in touch with the Police Minister.. I too contacted the Police Minister and had mine issued within a good time frame..

    Are you a member of Shooters Union QLD?? If not you should join!! They are so helpful and love to have a yarn on the phone for hours Plus they are genuinely doing something for us i believe..

    There are some good people in WLB, So far I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quick actions

    Kind Regards



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      I'm not a member yet but will look into it. Thanks Dan
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    Hi Kmus. Thanks for your story. I've yet to have a negative experience with Qld WLB in the last 1-2 years.