Applying for Vic A/B license after living O/S - international police check required

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  • Applying for Vic A/B license after living O/S - international police check required

    Does anyone here have any information on getting a national police clearance check for Hong Kong or Japan?
    I have lived overseas for many years, in both Hong Kong and Japan, and when applying for my A/B firearms license Section 5 asks about this.
    Checking the website of the Hong Kong police shows that they can provide a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction, but they will only provide it as support for visa, immigration or adoption purposes. No other purpose will be considered.
    Japan is very similar, visa and immigration, need a letter from the relevant govt department, fingerprints, soul of firstborn, etc...
    I have contacted my local DFO and the LRB, they simply restated that I need to provide the police check from whatever country I lived in, and that they can not assist me.
    Based on what I have found so far, this means I'm screwed.
    I'd be very happy to hear if anyone knows more about this.



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    This might be one you need a lawyer for.
    It’s not a question of having done anything wrong it’s a question of having someone who knows his/her shit, talk to them. What’s on the applications is not always clear cut and they will try and bluff their way through it. It’s highly unlikely that you have to provide documents from foreign authorities that have no interest or obligation in providing them. Since about 1996 you had to provide a "character reference" from a Victorian resident (actually someone that had the authority to sign a state dec.) that knew you for at least twelve months. Good luck.


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      Tick the appropriate boxes supply them appropriate information and let them do the due process... They will have to anyway.
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