Finally got my license back

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  • Finally got my license back

    After 14 months of waiting I finally got my photo advice letter to get my license back.
    Im not looking forward to the bill for storage at the gun shop or having to fork out for PTAs for them all.
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    Great stuff, did it seem like a long 14 months or fly by as quick as normal years?

    Sad to hear of so many blokes losing them and that 10year thing won't work too well for us older dudes.

    Had me worried about a safe inspection as I got the power tools locked up but no room for chainsaws, they will hide in the dunny or treck up to the shed, the big Fiskars splitting axe or something may then be considered a safe can opener.
    Covid must have let me off the hook, but if they want a look after all these years, I expect another call in Summer after lockdown.

    Got to give mine a wipe in case of Covid rust, hope yours come through OK.


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      Congratulation Several, the storage fees & PTAs will seem like money well spent.
      I guess its great to get your licence back but wait till you get your guns back & return to shooting it will be even better.
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        Well done ol' chap!
        Happy days once again!