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  • Masters Gun Safe

    Has anyone seen and have an opinion on the Masters Home Improvement Honeywell Gun Safe???
    I looks as though it could hold 14 guns...

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    I have one. The box does claim 14 firearms but we all know the claimed and actual capacity of gun safes vary as soon as one or more have scopes fitted...

    I really like the safe though, seems fairly solid and for the price it's hard to beat.


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      What happens if the battery goes flat??

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    well honeywell make some great aviation equipment... might have to check out the safe...


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      yes there is no key over ride but i had mine apart and took pics of behind the door and showed them to a lock smith mate, he said with the pics it wont be hard to get into one if we really had to,

      but he also said that the code is hard saved into a chip in the lock mechanism itself, so if someone rips the keypad off and tries to short it to open it or replace the key pad with one of there own it wont open,

      this also means that if the battery goes flat the code will not be forgotten, so replace the battery and enter your code and it will be fine.

      i rate the one i have but i removed the lower drawer in it as i wanted all the height i could get and it gave me more usable floor area.


      • Gindu-wan Kanobi
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        I looked at one. The staff couldnt open it as much as they tried so I could look inside. Bit concerning so I moved on.

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      Have had one for about 3 months. After a couple of months, I suddenly couldn't get into it although it made the right beeps to confirm code acceptance.

      Turns out that the battery it shipped with was running low. A locksmith recommended always using a quality battery and so I replaced it with a known reputable brand. This fixed the problem.

      Otherwise, it's a great safe; very sturdy and reasonable capacity although I wouldn't fancy trying to fit more than half a dozen scoped rifles in there. Masters also included free delivery which is worthwhile when the thing weights 147kgs. I will by another when I run out of space.


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        I have had one for about 18 months and I am happy with it. I removed all of the shelving/partitions and the small internal metal box to make more space.

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      I didn't trust the original battery.
      I put in a energised e2 one.

      It was like 20 or 30 bux but it's got a guaranteed shelf life of 15 years. So with how often I open the safe it should last a while.

      I had read about the batteries going flat and having enough juice to run the keypad but not enough for the lock motor to overcome the spring .


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        Hi guys

        it seems that some of you have the same safe that i have, its the Honeywell from Masters that has the 9 volt battery in the key pad, no over-ride key and seems no information at all on the net

        i seem to have miss placed the instruction manual, must have put them somewhere safe (in the safe maybe) and now am unable to open it, i remember that i did not change the default PIN code thinking that if i needed it i could google it, well Mr Google has let me down.

        i have tried masters and the guy remembers the safe, but not the model, only that they are discontinued and Honeywell seem to have washed their hands of them

        does anyone have a PDF manual they could link, or at least the default PIN please?

        cheers Riff


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          Hi mate,

          Factory codes are "1-2-3-4" and "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8", that's straight from the manual. If that doesn't work change the battery. Hope that helps.


          • Greythorn
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            What the hell ! Don't go showing my pin code everywhere :P

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          Hi Adrian-XI

          thanks heaps for the quick reply

          LOL 1234 or 12345678 think i might change that when i get home.....