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    I have a Category A,B; POU 1,2,3 on my license.

    When I fill out a PTA to acquire a category B firearm, if I tick 1, 2 and 3 for POU am I suppose to get a club chit to be able to use that firearm for POU 1?

    I know a category B firearm can be acquired without a club chit, as I have done so, for use POU 3, 2 and 1! When my license is due renewal, will SAPOL say you have x number of firearms for club use (POU 1, 2 and 3), we need X number of club chit so that they can be used for POU 1?

    In a nutshell can someone explain to me the role club chits play in category B firearms use?

    From SAPOL website

    "License Renewal

    There is no requirement for a specific number of shoots to be completed to be considered 'active' for longarms, however attendance at one shoot is considered a minimum. Reg 21 (9).

    A club chit will be requested by Firearms Branch for the renewal of Class A, B or C licences endorsed with purpose of use 1 regardless of how many other purposes are endorsed on the licence (Section 12 and 19 allows the Registrar to ask for any documentation or certificates to support the issue of a licence or renewal.)

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    Purchase of Firearms for Club use (POU1)

    Chits will be requested for applications to purchase Class B firearms where POU 1 is the only purpose endorsed on the licence. A chit will not be requested if other purposes of use are endorsed for Class B."

    it spells out clearly that you can acquire without a chit if you have other POU, but what role do chits play in license renewal?

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    What is a "chit"??


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      Just tick 'Club use' and send that PTA off.
      We don't use chits for individual rifle purchases.