How does your club endorse/approve a PTA?

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  • How does your club endorse/approve a PTA?

    Well I am now less than a month away from my FULL licence (i.e. first 6 months off FULL licence end in early December) and have submitted my PTA to my club to get the handguns I need for competition/target shooting.

    When my first PTA a committee member endorsed my PTA and away I went.

    This time however the rules have changed and I need the club committee to approve my PTA. Sadly the next meeting is not until mid December and with the roughly 2 weeks it takes for LRD to process and return a PTA , looks like I won't get my new guns before 2014!

    How does your club approve a handgun PTA?
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    That's weird.

    Usually I just find club official and ask them to sign then and there and way I go
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      Originally posted by Morgo" post=31301
      That's weird.

      Usually I just find club official and ask them to sign then and there and way I go
      Same here, Just expect a few comments if it is one of those glock things :P :P :P

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    Python, in NSW the Firearms Registry require one of the official signatories from your club to sign off on all handgun PTAs for club members.
    They are signifying (to the Registry) that you are a current financial member, have completed your training requirements and the club executive are happy for you to acquire a handgun.
    Each club is probably a little different in how they go about it, but usually they will look up your info in their records to ensure you are financial and up to date before signing the PTA.
    Official club signatories are usually President, Club Captain and/or Secretary, or all three. Each club can nominate who they want as officials with the NSW Registry.
    If your club's officials are only all together at committee meetings, then I can understand why they might only want to make those decisions then.

    Paul D


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      Hi Python. Is this at MISC? ive heard of this new process there. Im actually thinking of transfering there myself. Ive never heard of a club that has a rule of PTA's getting discussed & approved as a committee?


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        If this isn't a VIC requirement, sounds like a strange club-initiated rule


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          We have to get ours approved by disciple coordinator at a monthly meeting, you have to be there in person.