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    Posted here on the 03/10/13 how great it was to receive my pistol license. Today I rang the Firearms Policy and Records Unit in Darwin to inquire about not receiving (yet) my Prohibited Weapons license which I applied 1 day after putting in my Cat H application.
    Expected some sort of stuff-up as to why I hadn't got it etc etc.
    Well what happened was, I was told it had been approved and that I should have received it as it had been posted, told them I hadn't. "NO PROBLEM, I'll post it again to you again, just let me recheck your address" I was told, confirmed it was indeed the same one.
    Asked "will there be a fee for a re-issue of it?"
    "No not at all" I was told ( )
    "So how's the sports shooting going" I was asked, "enjoying it?, what discipline you shooting" (insert suspicious smiley here)
    "Yes, very much thank you, still learning the proper techniques, but it's a ball of fun"
    "Good, glad you're enjoying it, you'll find the discipline you like shooting best, most people end up with a preference"
    "Yes, I'm leaning towards 25 m rapid fire at the moment, but I've done service too which is interesting, and may have a go at WA 1500 when they shoot it next ... maybe"
    "Great, have fun and be safe, btw your license has just finished printing, I'll post it today, Anything else I can help you with ?"
    "No, all good,thanks for your help"
    "Your welcome, have a nice day"
    End of phone call.
    As I read what I have typed, before submitting it (spelling etc) I realize there is NO negatives here, apart from the not receiving it and the delay, which can happen even with any other transaction in life with either Govt or non-Govt, it was nothing like stories or run-around like I have read here and on other forums.
    So in terms of score
    N.T Firearms Policy and Records Unit 1
    N.T Firearms Policy and Records Unit 0
    OK, I'll admit I rang with the mindset that you catch more flies with Honey than Vinegar, but really didn't have to apply any extra, apart from normal politeness and waiting for them to finish talking before I spoke.

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    Credit where credit is due. It is nice to see that some firearms agencies seem to understand we are not potential enemies of the state.


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      Why not write to the Commissioner or the Police Minister to say how pleased you are with FPRU?

      When I decided last year to take up shooting again, it took 4 months on the old Qld WLB paper system to get a new A/B licence. I've acquired 7 rifles since then, all of the PTAs came back quickly, well under a week turn-around after the first 28 day wait period. Queries have always been answered quickly and informatively by e-mail and phone. I keep reading criticism of WLB, and exhortations to complain to the Minister or at least QSU. So I thought that I'd let Mr Dempsey know that, so far as I'm concerned, his staff are doing a great job for shooters.

      WLB called to ask which particular member of staff I had found helpful. I replied, "all of them, but perhaps A**x deserves a special mention". "Well that's nice", said the WLB chap, "we usually just get complaints. I don't think folk know that we really are on the side of safe shooters and want to help them all we can".


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        What's a Prohibited Weapons License, as opposed to a normal Cat H?


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          Originally posted by TheOtherLeft" post=27830
          What's a Prohibited Weapons License, as opposed to a normal Cat H?
          Each state and territory use different terminology, such as QLD call their firearms licence a weapons licence.

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          Originally posted by TheOtherLeft" post=27830
          What's a Prohibited Weapons License, as opposed to a normal Cat H?
          Prohibited weapons (in this case) is for being licensed to carry a baton & handcuffs in the course of work, without it you can (legally) can them and a lot of suppliers won't sell them to you without seeing your license.

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        Quite a lot of the people in the Firearm Branch are shooters, collectors or both including the boss man. Most of them are members at the SSAA Darwin Branch.