Safe storage while overseas?

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  • Safe storage while overseas?

    Hi there,

    if I store my future pistol/s in an approved safe at my home address, and then go overseas/interstate for a few weeks (holiday/work/etc), are there any extra legal requirements?

    What happens if the police want to inspect the safe while I'm away for a couple of weeks? Anyone been in this position?

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    None that I'm aware off, as long as they are stored correctly then its all good.

    Tuff luck for them
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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      I'm also off overseas for a few weeks in the near future, and I have no concerns as to storage and/or inspection.

      The guns will be locked away in the safe as per usual, the safe will be in a locked room as per usual, the keys will be in a place only I am aware of as per usual, and should the police wish an inspection, it has to be at a convenient time.....while I'm away overseas is simply not a convenient time and they will have no choice other than to wait until my return, whereby I will be on hand to open the safe for them.

      We are not criminals, we have done nothing wrong, we do not have to exist in fear, worrying about everything we do, everywhere we go and everything that may happen.

      We take sensible precautions, we do the right thing, that's all that is required. Just like everyone else, we can still have holidays, we can still leave the house, we can still work, we can still live a normal life.

      Enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that your guns are safely locked away and awaiting your return!