What to do while on a PPL?

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  • What to do while on a PPL?

    I'm really looking forward to spending time on the range, and getting proficient at using a pistol.

    While on a PPL (NSW), I know I cannot possess or use a pistol unless I am under the supervision of a person who holds a full category H Sport/Target Shooting Firearms Licence.

    So ... what are some of the things I can do in the first 6months while waiting?

    What are some of the gun-related activities you did during your PPL period - besides wait 6months?


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    I went every week to the Club and shot matches to get my skills up.

    You can go to your LGS and have a fondle, research your next purchase, get some cleaning gear etc.


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      I shot IPSC from the outset, never touched a .22 until this year (which in retrospect wasn't a great idea for proficiency-building lol)

      . Handled other people's guns, trying to narrow it down which one I might buy. Take your time over deciding on a purchase too; it wasn't until about 6 months after I got my full Cat H that I ended up buying my first gun. No law says to have to jump on it at the 6 month mark, necessarily.


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        Shoot everything you can get your hands on . Start shooting matches to find out what you like and what guns are best suited for that purpose. Most guys at your local club are more than happy to help and encourage you so you should only be limited by the amount of times you go.

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      Many clubs will have club firearms for you to use.

      There are usually plenty of club members who will loan you their firearms if needed.

      Pistols shooters are a helpful bunch, well most of time anyway.


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        Do what I did and buy a coupla rifles and a shotgun.


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          This sorta depends what sort of rules at the club you joined