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    So I've been thinking about getting into hunting, I live in NSW right on the vic border. I think I'd be doing more shooting in vic than nsw. Looking at the nsw game council website they have the r licence which let's you shoot foxes cat rabbits etc (what I want to shoot) but in vic (according to what I can find on the vic dpi site) it's only deer and water fowl from what I can see. I was thinking the best way to get a cat A shooters licence in nsw would be to join the game council, (which of cause isn't going to happen at the moment) but to shoot in vic I'd need a vic hunters licence?
    It's all a bit confusing.
    Can I shoot rabbits and cats on public land in vic?
    If so, what's the best way to get into it?

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    So after further research I've discovered field and game Australia. Sounds like this May be an option


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      Originally posted by Day675" post=21340
      So after further research I've discovered field and game Australia. Sounds like this May be an option
      Whilst this is a good option ( I'm a member myself) you limit your reason and need to stay financial as a member of a shooting organisation.
      Should you decide not to renew your membership, then theoretically your reason to have a licence could be questioned.
      Not that there's any checks done - just saying.

      As Adam mentioned, there's no licence required to shoot ferals/vermin in Vic.
      You will need a Game licence in Vic if you wanted to hunt Game species - Deer, Waterfowl, etc. This has it's own set of requirements and courses to complete.
      If you can landowners permission to hunt - that'll help.
      Someone will mention the Crown land permit.

      Start the process and get paperwork happening - the licence forms will tell you exactly what you need to supply to support the application.

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    To shoot Rabbits/Foxes in Victoria no special hunting licence is necessary. Make sure you cash in your fox scalps before you come home though.

    The Victorian hunting licences are required for the deer species in Victoria. Have a look at the DPI Website for more details.


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      Thanks for the reply Adam,
      However I currently don't have a licence at all, so I need something like a game council licence to use as a genuine reason to get my catA/B


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        Cheers for the replays all,
        Got a reply from nsw far. They are happy to take the vic hunting licence or crown land permit as a genuine reason, so all is good


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          Ok so I got a reply in the mail from them after sending in my application form, they say they do not accept the crown land permit as it only lets me shoot in vic, and wont allow me to shoot in NSW, thus they wont give me a NSW licence.
          So I just wrote back explaining I only want to shoot in Vic anyway, and only at rabbits and foxes. Along with a copy of the email from my initial enquiry.
          Be interesting to see what they come back with.