QLD Waiting Times and the help from my Local MP

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  • QLD Waiting Times and the help from my Local MP

    G'day Guys,

    Re: Waiting for a Weapons License in QLD

    Following a previous post I viewed from Shooting.com.au a while back, and advice from friends who have knowledge of the system,
    I openly contacted my local member to simply put forward, with factual information, the delays in the system.

    I'm not flogging a dead horse, I would simply like to express my gratitude to knowledgeable persons who
    gave the right advice and assisted others in the move to make contact.

    I showed my member respect, allowed him to respond in due course, allowed him to take action, and follow up with me.

    As it happens, only a week after my initial contact to my local member, gun advocate or not, who knows - after waiting a few months now for a simple interstate transfer of license, y local came through and I received a call from Weapons Licensing this morning to advise of the approval and processing.

    I couldn't have been happier with the result. My PTA's have all been processed and will arrive shortly also.

    Don't be afraid to contact your local member if you really need to. They are there to help their community. But don't harass them or give them grief, and don't apply too much pressure to what you need from them - and they should come thru for you.

    I congratulate the efforts of others who have had the same result, and thank the local members for helping out one of their 'neighbours'

    Good work guys.


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    It's a good result for you mate.

    Now your a happy fella who's ready to go and have some real fun.


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