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    Well...I stand corrected!!
    WAPOL do not recognise Gel blasters as firearms.
    The Firearms licensing crew have put it in writing that as long as you do not scare or harm anyone - all is good [for now]

    edit is there such a thing as a gel - lewis or vickers
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    all times wasted wots not spent shootin'


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      LOL, not that I am aware of, but if you did some tinkering with tin I'm sure you could make a mock up that looked at least 90%

      Cant wait to see it mate.

      The TRUTH is out there,
      the Aliens think its a great joke on us.
      We still believe in Santa, but eat the Easter Bunny

      And the Easter Bunny tastes SO GOOD !!
      That's why he is made of Chocolate.


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        Toooo Late she cried .
        Its already been done.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Lewis Gelblaster.jpg
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        Don’t poke the snake, walk around it and come back later with a double-barrelled shotgun and blow its [email protected]#!ing head off!.

        Australia in future, the outcome is the same, a bloody dictatorship run on the whims of a very few ego-centric pathological elitists.