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    Questions relating to the transportation of firearms have been fairly common, it took a while but I managed to get some bit's confirmed with WLB, this post should answer transportation questions, for QLD. The WLB response is at the bottom, the summary is offered as a simple reference. The issue falls in two parts because there are 2 sections of the Regulations that can apply, 1 is simply transporting firearms BUT there is also the situation where you have transported the firearms, which are still in your vehicle but you are not actually transporting. In this situation they could be considered as being in storage away from safe the storage facility. Beware of this one because once you are at your destination, eg the range, this is the bit that applies. It could also be applied if you stop on route, like at a servo or the gun shop.

    Transporting Section 61
    If you have a boot, firearms MUST be locked in the boot.
    If you have a UTE, firearms MUST be either locked in a metal container that is secured to the tray or in the passenger compartment, in a secure container, hidden from view
    If you have a wagon, the firearms in the passenger compartment must in a secure container and be hidden from view.
    In ALL cases:
    A gun bag IS considered to be a container, zip it up and it is secure.
    If you leave the vehicle it must be locked (empty of passengers) or someone licenced to possess the firearms must stay in/with the vehicle.
    There is actually no requirement to remove the bolt, break the action, fit a trigger lock or lock the bag but if you wish to do so feel free.

    Storage of weapon not in licensee’s physical
    possession—when away from secure storage facilities Section 60a (vehicle storage part only)

    The vehicle MUST be locked and:
    Firearm unloaded and out of sight and either:
    the bolt is removed or
    a trigger lock is fitted or
    it is in a locked container. A locked gun bag is a locked container
    (Although not specified, if it's a lever action where a trigger lock would not be effective, and it's not in a locked container, and action lock might be a very good idea)

    Obviously there are options here, the simplest 'cure all' might be to simply lock your gun bag on all occasions, at least then you can't get caught out.

    An important point to consider. If you are on the range alone or there are only a few people, you should not leave your firearms on the bench and ALL move to the targets. The firearms are NOT in your possession and NOT secure. Someone, who is licenced to possess ALL the firearms on the range MUST stay with them or you must comply with the above and lock them in your vehicle or if your vehicle is not on the range, lock them in a room of a permanent building.

    Just for the sake of fullness, ammunition should be transported in a secure container, (legislation only says secure but it also adds that it must not be accessible to unlicensed individuals so locked might be a good idea). It must be in it's original packaging or in packaging that separated each round individually. There is no written dispensation for 22lr so if you bought a bucket o bullets, take the bucket or separate the rounds or take a chance.

    The response from WLB
    Sections 61 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 applies when the guns are being transported. Section 60A applies when you have arrived at your shooting location (eg hunting trip) and you are not shooting. Section 60A does not apply during transportation.

    Section 61 provides number of options for storage which are:-
    • The weapons are locked in the boot
    • The weapon is locked in a metal container fixed to the vehicle
    • The weapon is in a securely closed container that is out of sight in the vehicle.

    Subsection 5 of Section 61 of the Regulation further provides that “weapon is not left in an
    unlocked vehicle if the vehicle is not being attended by someone licensed to possess the weapon”.

    Section 59 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 requires that a “firearm is unloaded, other than when it is being used to shoot”.

    You asked the question if a zipped gun bag is compliant for transport of firearms. Section 61(1)(b)(ii) of the Weapons Regulation 1996. Neither the Act, not the regulations define the terms “securely closed” or “container”. Common meaning of the term container, or dictionary definition provides:-

    Container -
    1. anything that contains or can contain something, as a carton, box, crate, or can.
    2. a large, vanlike, reuseable box for consolidating smaller crates or cartons into a single shipment, designed for easy and fast loading and unloading of freight.

    1. a container or receptacle of leather, plastic, cloth, paper, etc., capable of being closed at the mouth; pouch.

    I think it is clear from the above that gun bag is a container.

    Securely Closed
    It is acknowledged that the regulation does not specifically state that the container should be locked. It is also noted that the regulation does not state “closed”. It could be argued that securely closed requires more than closed zipper. Having a lock on the gun bag will clearly meet that requirement.

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    Printed. A copy for the Safe and one in the Car. Thanks.
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      Thanks for your research mate, to get all that together and at that time in the morning too !! Legend


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        Originally posted by FanTikkaTastic" post=39931
        Thanks for your research mate, to get all that together and at that time in the morning too !! Legend
        Quiet night shift

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      Excellent work. Thanks!


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        Do you really not have to remove the bolt/break the action etc.? I thought you HAD to whilst transporting in a vehicle.



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          So what's the go if you were driving to the range/or hunting destination with your mate/family member and u had to stop at the servo.. U top up with fuel and go inside to pay, thereby leaving an unlicensed person in the car with your firearms (which are all still conforming to legit transporting rules as mentioned above)
          Do they have to get out and then u lock the car while you go in and pay?
          I know you're unlikely to get pinged, just curious as to the right thing to do in that situation..

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          i spoke to WLB about this befor i went on holi's and they sent me an email saying the safe storage away from safe storage location applies only when its un reasonable for you to be able to reach it, so it does not apply to going to and fro the range because you are traveling back and forth from your registered storage location

          the guy from wlb typed out all the reg's and then explained how they will apply to my situation so there was no miss communication

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        well the bolt bit helps me heaps. I am always afraid of loosing the thing. And dropping it...I shudder. I have never really owned a bolt gun before so having to remove and store something separate like that drives me crazy. In the safe is one thing its not going anywhere but it transit its too easy to forget.
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