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  • Where to send submissions?

    Can someone give me a list of people to send my submissions & recomendations in regards to WA's review of the firearms act in March.

    Topics I would like to bring up:
    - Sound moderators for genuine users (serial numbered & safely secured) example: if horses on your property are easily spooked.

    - Scrap "military style" as WA Police choose when to enforce it (which is actually a form of police misconduct - selective enforcement)

    - Folding/collapsable stocks DO NOT make a firearm concealable, but do make storage in a vehicle safer & easier.

    - Bring back handguns for primary producers who use motorbikes in areas where access by vehicle is difficult. (Because carrying a rifle on a motorbike is high risk).

    - Move S/A rimefire to Cat A for recreational hunting / primary producers / pro shooters only (10 round max) ... Anymore than 10 round becomes Cat C.

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    I think your local country remember, wait, wait, wait, your local country member, handles that sort of thing. Good luck with it, but, pushing things uphill with your nose to get any changes!


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      Or a list of all upper house members to send them the same damn letter... And everyone should do the same.

      Also if we all send letters they should state the same issues and recomendations as most others.