Wild Dogs, Donkeys and the Bandwagon

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  • Wild Dogs, Donkeys and the Bandwagon

    Well I just saw an interesting segment on the Project (not my fav show but there was absolutely nothing else on) on using Donkeys as protection for sheep against Wild Dogs. Seems to work for some although I've heard the same thing about Llamas and also know where the Llamas were taken out by dogs. Probably worth a try I guess and Donkeys are funny to have around.

    What it did get me thinking was here was a national program showing picys of ripped up sheep and telling everyone how bad the dog problem was. Surely someone with a bit more PR nous than I could start working on the idea that our huge group of underutilized hunters could be a great benefit in this situation. I'm not saying this isn't occurring - notably the SSAA Farmer Assist program etc - where I am coming from is latching on to the publicity that a program such as that generates.

    I know when I speak to people about it and point out the horrific deaths of so many animals, the killing for sport, killing of native animals etc they become a lot more sympathetic to hunting them.

    Anyway just a heads up so that when you speak to your friendly green don't forget to mention the feral, largely non native dogs that are ripping the koalas to shreds cause they won't let us hunt them.


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    Who needs donkeys in N/E Vic....a centre fire does the job.
    I'm in love with Jennifer Hawkins and Alessandra Ambrosio


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      Graphic advertising campaigns are a dead end.

      It'd only take a few greenies to complain to the relevant authorities about the content being unsuitable for broadcast/print beore it was all yanked in the name of public decency.

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      Originally posted by Sambar Country" post=35188
      Who needs donkeys in N/E Vic....a centre fire does the job.
      Besides, all you Mexicans have your donkeys already doing other tasks. :lol:

      "Psssssst, hey Gringo, you wanna see a show"?

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    Donkeys work well as Livestock Guardians.
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      Throughout NSW there are "Wild dog Associations" where farmers, LHPA's and sometimes NPWS in a specific area come together to control wild dogs through trapping and baiting programs, both aerial and ground. These groups are mostly funded out of the farmers pocket with support from the LHPA and little from NPWS.

      Shooting is mostly carried out by farmers and hunters on property, but alas not so in National Parks . Baiting and trapping is kept to minimum in NP's as well, thanks mainly to misinformation.