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  • across border purchase

    Hi all
    Can I use a Vic PTA to purchase a firearm from a dealer in NSW
    Thanks A-Bolt

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    In the past NSW has recognised out of state PTAs, but your best bet would be to call the dealer you intend to purchase from. The law hasn't changed, but the Police Commissioner can provide direction to dealers that substantially changes the interpretation of the law.

    If it is ELKs in Albury they will be experienced with transactions like this and should be able to work it out for you.


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      Mate I would try to have the dealer forward the firearm to your local dealer in Vic. Obviously you'll pay for the firearm and freight and maybe some cost for your dealer. I know in reverse, ie buying a firearm from outside NSW, this is the way to do it, as the NSW dealer receives it, and gets it registered in NSW to then on sell to the buyer. Trouble is the buyer pays all costs/freight etc - might be easier and cheaper to buy one in Vic if poss.