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  • Strong Room WA

    Hi All,

    Has anyone in WA tried or successfully made a strong room?

    I have a perfect room with only one door which I would like to use as a strong room and are after some advice. I have found to Locksmiths in Perth who claim to be able to provide the doors so will see what information they can provide.


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    Any more info on this? I'd be interested in what you're using for the door.


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      I have moved house, Had a strong room built under the house, 11 x 3 33m2 alarmed closed circuit monitors. now demolished, however I removed the door frame and Door 2000mm x 900mm frame 12mm thick with steel pins into brickwork, door to fit key lock double bolt locking devise 5 x 50 mm pins into frame. The door has a wooden rear facing to reduce weight metallic painted to match the door you would not know that it is wood, all in excellent condition, FOR SALE $1000 ONO plus transport. Will deliver if in Victoria for cost of juice. Please no tyre kickers