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    Could the Moderator/s pin a specific topic , perhaps locked at position # 1 in the Australian Gun Laws section, which shows links to all the State and Territory Weapons Acts, Weapons Regulations, Weapons Category Regulations, and anything else related to 'our tools', that Í might have omitted to mention.
    Maybe also links to the state/territory's Weapons Licencing Branch etc. And, the very good link, that was on the old forum, to the customs legislation relating to parts that we can or cannot import.

    Yes, a Google search can reveal a lot of them, but others are quite elusive.

    If they are readily accessible, people might (just might) read them before launching into circular arguments about what is, or is not, the law that we must adhere to. In fact, it might give some people access to their first read of the legislation
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    Here's a couple for you to start with. But I'm not going to dig out all the games regs or whatever for every state. You suggested it so why don't you have a go.

    Vic Fiirearms Act 1996

    Vic Crimes Act 1958
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      Thanks for the start.
      The reason I asked if it could be a forum locked thing is so that it would be a "go to" list at the head of Australian Gun Laws and therefore does not get shoved all over the place when others post to it. In fact, once it's populated, it should not need to be "posted to" other than to update if there is a re-write of legislation.

      I was just asking

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    Here's another one for you, also for Victorians.

    Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012
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      like this:


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    S12A beat me to it by that much.




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      N.T consolidated regulations