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  • laws for shooting on land

    Hi guys
    Just wondering if anyone knows the laws regarding what firearms can be discharged on what properties?
    I'm looking at buying 380 acres out near bathurst, a rural property set back 12.5 km from the main road, its currently un fenced
    but will be eventually if we go ahead with the purchase.
    I'm mainly wondering about 12 gauge and 30 cal, id imagine .22 wouldn't be a problem..

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    No worries about the 22 and 12G.

    Get to find out what your neighbours think. That would help with the 30.


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      If it is zoned rural and you are licenced /guns registered you can fire them within the property boundaries. The projectile can't leave your property. I did the firearm safety course a couple of months ago (In QLD) and that is how it was explained to me.
      NSW may be different it should be easy to look up online


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        Was about to post a topic on pretty much the same question. Following this thread with interest as i'm in the process of looking at buying land of my own to shoot on down around Gundagai so any help is appreciated. Cheers.

        I was on the Hunt & shoot network and they said.."It depends on the state you are in but in NSW there is no minimum size and each is assessed on a case by case basis." I want to know more then on who does the assessing? Police?


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          It really comes down to what you intend to shoot.

          If you are doing simple pest control, anything goes as long as it does not endanger others. Common sense should prevail and ideally the bullet should not leave your property.

          If you intend to set yourself up a range which you will use for punching paper, then it gets considerably more complex.


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            G'day Ninja,

            In essence what the others have said is pretty much spot on. This topic has been raised many times in other forums but it's definately one you need to be sure on. In NSW...

            Mythbusters #1: You have to be ??? 50m, 100m, 3 light years from the boundary fence. There is no minimum distance in the Act or Regs. Rickoshea is pretty much right. If the projectile goes whizzing over the neighbours house (or paddock), or public road you're in trouble. And not just the firearms act, there is also provision in the Crimes Act as well.

            Mythbusters #2: You have to have a minimum of XXX acres. If your genuine reasons are target shooting you are not legally allowed to shoot anywhere except an approved range. If your genuine reason is recreational hunting then as long as the land is zoned (by council) as RURAL (and you have permission) you can blast critters to your hearts content. Please note: Rural means Rural. Not Semi-Rural, Industrial etc...

            Fortunately or unfortunately firearms are a serious business. If you have firearms (or you want to have firearms) I personally think everyone should take the time to thoroughly read through their states firearms Act(s) and Reg(s) and try and get a good working knowledge.



            Hope this helps.
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