Regulations regarding interstate air travel of firearms

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  • Regulations regarding interstate air travel of firearms

    I was hoping to gain info regarding the interstate transport by air for firearms.
    I have no idea if that is possible within the same flight that you travel on.
    Specifically, I've been asked over to a mates place in WA and we would be doing some hunting and I'd like to bring along one bolt action c/fire.
    Travel would be between Sydney and Perth so what would be the regulations regarding this.

    Any help would be appreciated..thnx

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    Yeah, most airlines allow it however best to check that the one you want to fly on does before you book the ticket. When you get there you need to go to the service desk or regular check-in desk & let them know; they'll send over a security guy to tag it & take it away to put it directly in a secure baggage area (well, that was the procedure when I flew with a rifle from Sydney to Cairns about a year ago on Virgin). Oh, and it will need to be in a locked hard-case too.

    EDIT: Yeah as Spurious said you'll need to contact WAPOL first though, since to my knowledge WA is pretty much the only state that does not recognise out-of-state shooters licences so from memory you need to apply for a visitors permit to bring firearms across the border.


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      Plus, you're in for a wonder of complications getting approval to do so from WAPOL.