Shooting on a 'total fire ban' day in nsw?

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  • Shooting on a 'total fire ban' day in nsw?

    Just wondering what the law is regarding the discharge of firearms on a total fire ban day in nsw?

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    No law or restrictions against it that I know of.
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” - Edmund Burke


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      I think common sense would apply, shoot if you must there is no law against it I'm aware of. Just be mindful of where and what you shoot at and what happens to your hot brass, be wary of shooting where there are rocks and I probably wouldn't be shooting gongs.
      In this weather and conditions even if you're not shooting and just out for a bush walk or other outdoor activity the risk of bushfire should never be to far from your mind.

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      Originally posted by Morgo" post=24758
      No law or restrictions against it that I know of.
      ...and we don't need one either!!

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    There used to be a prohibition on firing blackpowder on Total Fire Ban days, but I'm not sure if it was law, or a convention amongst the blackpowder community.

    Nothing wrong with smokeless though.


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      Shot over 120 crackers today and no drama's - as someone said I don't believe there is a law against doing it, yet to start a fire with normal rounds, have managed to with tracers though. :lol:
      Whacking Varmints is my passion!