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  • Warehouse Pest removal

    Whats the correct process to ensure its OK to do a pest removal job in a factory/warehouse?
    Zoning - def NOT residential, so that's setp1

    Need to look at the birds - "pigeon" has been mentioned, but need to look into that
    Do all the usual testing, back stops & assessment & then give the local 5-0 a call to confirm?
    and of course permission letter from owner etc.

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    From my understanding it is illegal to discharge a weapon in a built up area, not just a residential zoned areas.


    • TwoFourThree
      TwoFourThree commented
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      In Victoria you would need to get a 'Populace Place Permit' to use a firearm to control pest animals / birds.

      You would also have to have tried other methods (trapping etc) that proved ineffective first.

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    yes it is (illegal).............unless you have express permission from the correct authorities to do so, (local police, parks & wildlife etc)
    I am a member of a SSAA organization in which specializes in the above type problems, and have at times been assigned to shoot unwanted pests from urban areas.
    training & many rules to follow etc,........but it does get done a hell of a lot more than one may be aware of.
    its just kept quiet,.........as you could understand.


    • jasmay
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      Sorry, yes, I should have said illegal without the correct permits. A call to the local Po Po wont cover it!! But I am sure they can steer you in the right direction