Dealing with the FAR,,, Debit cards?

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  • Dealing with the FAR,,, Debit cards?

    I thought I had posted this but cant find it, Does the FAR take DEBIT cards in the PTA application on the back. It says CREDIT card on the form.

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    hey mate,

    it depends on the card

    the card has to have a credit function (e.g if you can use it to buy goods online, they can process it)

    i have the commonwealth debit mastercard, i can buy stuff online (and use it to get PTA's)

    but if i use my blue cirrius or whatever debit card, i have to be at the eftpos terminal.

    hope it helps mate!


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      If its a Visa or Mastercard debit card they work the same way as a regular credit card and it is fine as they use the exact same networks as credit cards. If its a regular old debit card you can only use cheque or savings on then no they can't be used.