pump action centerfire rifle max magazine capacity

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  • pump action centerfire rifle max magazine capacity

    Have been unable to locate any information regarding allowable number of rounds for center-fire pump action rifle in South Australia . Have been looking at copy of colt lightning that holds 13 rounds . Thanks Scott

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    I guess that would mean we can't own them in nsw ?


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      NSW Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 No 127 Schedule 1 Part 4 (4)(c) limits detachable magazines only. There is no restriction on tubular magazines.

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    I've just bought a Pedersoli Lightning 44/40 that has a factory magazine block to 10 rounds. With the block removed, it holds 14.

    I've worked with both a Taurus and the Ped and both rifles had a more reliable feed & ejection with the cases trimmed 0.020 shorter!

    BTW, the Pedersoli is exceptionally accurate to boot!

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      Thanks BAW If I can get the store to put in a magazine block hopefully I will be ok Looks like the Taurus only in 45lc , may have to save up ped.


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        I've had a chance to use both a Pedersoli and a Taurus. The Taurus will slam fire, i.e. hold the trigger and pump and it will fire on the forward stroke; the Ped has a blocker so that the trigger has to be released for each round.

        In practice they are both very fast but for smoothness out of the box, the Ped wins hands down.

        With a little practice I've been timed loosing 10 aimed shots off in under 4 secs! :P
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