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  • hammock for camping

    hey all
    does anyone use a hammock for camping?

    not the beach style one but the other one.
    similar to the dd hammocks

    it seems to be popular in the states, however not sure of its popularity here in Australia.

    perhaps a reason why it's not so popular here (at least as I can tell) is that there are many more species of venomous snakes here than over there.

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    Hi mate I'll jump in as no one else has.

    I haven't bought one yet but I keep hearing people rave about them. I did a bit of research and was planning on getting one of these:

    Thinking about it again now that it is summer and my old stone house with no ac is far too hot at night and I need to be sleeping outside.


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      went for a hunt the other week with my cousin and he had a fang dangle one with the fly, hes used it a few times but said he is going to sell it on, anything but a dead still night and they flap like crazy.

      because you set it up,tie the the fly down and get in it you automatically loose tention on the fly ropes when your weight pulls the hammock down.

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    Got a nylon/ silky one from platatac yonkies ago for a trip, okay provided you can find two elusive trees just the right distance apart. Stuffed around with the ropes but quickly replace with a self locking strap tie-down at one end for tension and a carabena on the other just to hook around the trunk. That said, only use it these days on the rare occasion I'm in a jungle or a firm camp out bush for longer than a few days