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    Just wondering how old your kids were when you took them out on their first camping trip.

    My young fella is about 10 months old, and I'm just trying to get an idea of how long I have to wait...
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    My young bloke was about 12 months on his first camping trip.
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      We're about to go camping for the first time with our 11 mth old next weekend. We're only doing an overnighter close to home just it case it turns to poo.


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        6 months. Did a trip to Morton Island with him and his 2.5 year old sister. They don't move too fast at that age.

        We took a tent that you could really open up so he could sleep during the day without being cooked.

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      Our daughter was 3 months old.
      The only concern at the time was making sure she wasn't near any ants etc, and she was protected from mozzies.


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        I hate camping as a general rule. I spend all day every day in the bush and like to enjoy the comforts I pay for when I'm not working.

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      took my 3 kids 4 2 and 9 months around australia for 6 months camping up the cape and across the top


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        Bet that kept you busy.


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          My niece was 5 weeks on her first camping trip. Her parents said it was a bit of hard work. She is now 3 and regularly does short overnight walks.