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  • Rear Leaf Spring Shackles - Home Made

    Hi all.

    I have made some rear leaf spring shackles for my 96 hilux which needs to be raised around 1/2" at the rear end.
    I've had them plasma cut from 6mm thick grade 350 plate.

    My question is does any of you know what size hole I need to drill in them to suit the shackle pin?

    I would like to have them ready to go before I pull the old ones out.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    my guess is 12-14mm, but you can undo a nut and check it....just put spanners onto the thread until you find which one fits(can you tell i cant use verniers)

    if 350 is anything like 500, there will be swearing invloved throughout the drilling process


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      My guess is 12 or 12.5mm just not 100% sure.

      Drilling 350 grade won't be a problem.

      I've made the shackles 25mm longer than the original ones with the theory that it moves the spring at one end down 25mm which should equate to 12.5mm at the centre of the spring pack where the axle is.

      Sound right?

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    If you get a pen and hold it horizontal then lower one end 25mm the distance at the centre of the pen should only drop half that distance……

    I’ll find out sooner or later if it works or not.


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      Took one of the shackle plates off yesterday and measured the hole diameter, I need to but a 14mm drill bit.
      This job will have to wait for another weekend now.

      Good guess too Bottleinspector.


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        Last I checked extended shackles were not a legal modification. Not that that has stopped anyone before but food for thought. It will also change the handling rather than just lifting the rig.
        Your working out is sound but it also depends on shackle angle, which therefore throws your theory out the window except for when the shackle is at 45 degrees. A better solution would be new springs.

        Why does the rear need to be lifted 1/2 an inch anyway? There may be another solution.


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          My 4x4 sits not to bad as is, but would rather a little extra lift in the rear and to also allow for any light loads that I may apply to the back.

          I would love to put new springs under the old girl but unfortunately funds do not permit at this point in time.

          The cheaper option for me was to make longer shackles. I’ve had them plasma cut from 6mm THK G350 PLT and to the exact same shape as they come from factory except 25mm longer. I still haven’t gotten around to installing them yet…..just been to busy


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            And bandaids, swearing and bandaids!